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  • Tifosi Men's Svago Eyewear Aqua Shimmer Blue Confetti Crystal Champagne Crystal Peach

    Tifosi Men's Svago Eyewear

    Italian for fun, Svago features rounded lenses of polycarbonate that are scratch resistant, shatterproof, and encased in an ultra-durable Grilamid TR-90 frame.

    $25.00 - $39.95
    $22.50 - $35.96
  • Gold Shine Mermaid Blue Pink Radiance Silver Shimmer Winter Mist

    Tifosi Men's Swank Glitter Eyewear

    Part of the Glitter Series, these Swank have specks of white throughout the frame, adding a dimension of fun. Swank’s light frame is designed for a no-slip fit and is equipped with shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses covering a spectrum of...

  • Aqua Shimmer Blackout Bottle Green Brown Fade Crystal Blue

    Tifosi Men's Swank Eyewear

    Swank is retro-value for modern times, carrying the freedom of youth into the excitement and unpredictability of tomorrow. Swank’s light frame is designed for a no-slip fit and is equipped with shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses covering a...

    $25.00 - $49.95
    $22.50 - $44.96
  • Gloss Black Gloss Black with Smoke Lens Indigo Shine Midnight Navy Satin Black/Clear

    Tifosi Men's Swank SL Eyewear

    Swank SL is a lighter, streamlined version of Swank with a rimless lens. This model has photochromic lenses with a tint that becomes darker as the day becomes brighter.

    $25.00 - $49.95
    $22.50 - $44.96
  • Gold Graphite with Smoke Bright Blue Lens Graphite with Smoke Polarized Lens Midnight Gold Satin Black

    Tifosi Men's Shwae Aviator Eyewear

    The sun throwing you heat? No worries. Tifosi’s Glide technology helps Shwae slide on easily without pulling hair and ensures the glasses stay in place so you can focus on your performance.  The polycarbonate, teardrop shape lens is...

    $35.00 - $59.95
    $31.50 - $53.96
  • Carbon Crystal Black Gloss Black with Smoke, AC Red & Clear Lenses Gloss Black with Smoke Polarized Lens Iron

    Tifosi Men's Vero Eyewear

    The Vero takes all the style and performance of the best-selling Veloce and packs it into a smaller frame. Perfect for those with smaller faces, the Vero is great for taking on your run, cycling through town, and chasing personal records.

  • Crystal Smoke Gloss Black Tortoise Track/White/Red White/Black

    Tifosi Men's Track Eyewear

    Meet your new running mate. Track is a lightweight frame made of Grilamid TR-90 that is highly resistant to chemical and UV damage. The never-slip grip of the hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces provide comfort and an anti-bounce fit that stays on no...

  • Tifolsi Men's Elder SL Eyewear

    Tifolsi Men's Elder SL Eyewear

    Aggressive style and simplicity. The Elder SL is the perfect grab and go pair of sunglasses for those in need of the utmost protection. Whether you’re bombing hills on your mountain bike or catching waves at the beach, the Elder SL is more than up...

  • Carbon Gloss Black Gunmetal Iron Matte Black

    Tifosi Men's Tyrant 2.0 Eyewear

    The lightweight frame design of Tyrant 2.0 is a stylish and durable companion for any sports enthusiast. Tyrant 2.0 will stay secure because of its adjustable nose and ear pieces and the vented lenses prevent fogging while keeping you cool. Perfect for...

    $49.96 - $99.95
    $45.96 - $89.96
  • Carbon Crystal Red Gloss Black Matte Black Tortoise

    Tifosi Men's Seek FC Eyewear

    Made of Grilamid TR-90, a homopolyamide nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage. Hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a no-slip fit. Adjustable ear and nose...

  • Crystal Brown Crystal Smoke Matte Black Tortoise Tortoise with Brown Polarized Lens

    Tifosi Men's Seek Eyewear

    Adventure seekers meet your match. Seek comes with a Grilamid TR-90 wrap frame that provides optimal durability and resistance to chemical and UV damage. Seek is equipped with polycarbonate lenses to help minimize distortion and sharpen peripheral vision.

    $49.95 - $69.95
    $44.96 - $62.96
  • Crystal Clear Crystal Red Gloss Black Gloss Black with Clarion Blue, AC Red & Clear Lenses Matte Black

    Tifosi Men's Veloce Eyewear

    Veloce is equipped with Enliven™ lenses that fine tune the wavelengths of light that matter most; making greens, blues, and reds pop with definition.

    $49.95 - $79.95
    $44.96 - $71.96
  • Crystal Black Crystal Black with Enliven Bike Lens Matte Black Matte Black with Smoke, AC Red & Clear Lenses Matte Gunmetal

    Tifosi Men's Crit Eyewear

    Aerodynamic lines and engineered ventilation specialize the Crit for endurance sports.Adjustable arm and nose pieces specialize the Crit for you.

    $49.95 - $99.95
    $44.96 - $89.96
  • Gloss Black Iron Matte Black Matte Gunmetal Metallic Silver

    Tifosi Men's Intense Eyewear

    The shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses of Intense keep your vision clear and eyes protected with 100% UVA and UVB protection. The Intense sport design is made to match your active lifestyle and the non-slip rubber ear and nose pads offer a secure...

  • Blackout Gloss Black Matte White with Smoke Red Lens Matte White with Smoke Blue Lens Midnight Navy

    Tifosi Shutout Youth Eyewear

    Get out in Shutout! Shutout evolutionizes Tifosi’s legendary performance sunglasses as a youth model with young athletes in mind. The Grilamid TR-90 frame provides all-day comfort without compromising durability and its Tifosi Glide...

  • Gloss Black Iron Matte Black Midnight Navy

    Tifosi Men's Centus Eyewear

    Take your swing with Centus! Made with a durable Grilamid TR-90 frame, Centus is armed with no-slip hydrophilic rubber nose pieces and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Its Tifosi Glide technology allow the frame to slide on comfortably and provide an...

18 of 18 Items